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Is Vegan Gourmet® Cheese processed on shared equipment with any allergens?

Vegan Gourmet® Cheese is processed on dedicated soy only equipment with dedicated utensils. No other allergens are processed on this line.

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Are the calcium lactate and lactic acid in Vegan Gourmet® Cheese dairy free?

Yes, all ingredients in the Vegan Gourmet® Cheeses are completely dairy free and vegan. The lactic acid and calcium lactate are both derived from the fermentation of sugars from non-dairy sources and contain no dairy lactose.

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Is Vegenaise® processed on shared equipment with any allergens?

Vegenaise® is processed on shared equipment with milk. All equipment and utensils are fully washed, sanitized and inspected between runs of products with different allergen profiles. Milk allergen residue tests are also conducted regularly.

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What allergens are present in your facility?

Our facility processes soy, milk, sesame seeds, mustard, and a small amount of wheat. We do not have egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts, or tree nuts in our facility.

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How does your facility handle allergens to avoid cross contamination?

We are very attentive to cross-contamination issues and with all of our products we implement allergen-conscious storage controls, and wash and sanitize any utensils that are used in processing products with different allergen profiles. Our Quality Control team conducts Allergen Changeover Inspections between runs of any products with different allergens. This inspection includes a visual check of all equipment and utensils as well as a test for organic material residue. There is a small possibility that our products could come in contact with airborne particles of potential allergens in our facility, but we do take all necessary precautions to ensure that there is no direct contact between products with different allergen profiles. Our facility does not contain fish, shellfish, peanuts, treenuts, or eggs.

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Which Follow Your Heart® products are gluten free?

All types of Vegenaise®, Vegan Gourmet® Dairy Alternatives, and Salad Dressings are gluten free.

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Do Vegan Gourmet® Dairy Alternatives contain any allergens?

The only common allergen in Vegan Gourmet® products is soy. (An exception is the new Vegan Gourmet Shreds which are soy-free.) Vegan Gourmet products are produced on a dedicated line with dedicated utensils (This line contains no major allergens except for soy.)

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Does Vegenaise® contain any common allergens?

All types of Vegenaise® are free of eggs, milk products, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, and starch. Soy-Free Vegenaise is also completely free of soy. In other types of Vegenaise, soy protein is used in very small amounts as an emulsifier and comprises less than 2% of the total product. Because tolerance to allergens varies considerably, to be safe, people with sensitivity to soy should consult their physician regarding the advisability of trying Vegenaise.

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Is there any gluten in Vegenaise®?

All types of Vegenaise® are completely gluten free. The enzyme used to produce the brown rice syrup is gluten free and the mustard is ground mustard seeds, not prepared mustard.

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