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What is the shelf life of Vegan Gourmet® Cheese?

The shelf life of Vegan Gourmet® Cheese is 120 days unopened and about 3-7 days after opening. To extend the shelf life, the cheese can be frozen after being shredded. Shredding before freezing helps maintain the cheese's texture and melting ability when thawed. We do not recommend freezing the whole blocks as the texture changes and becomes softer (not as good for slicing and shredding).

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If I leave Vegenaise® un-refrigerated for a while, do I need to be concerned?

Though we do recommend that Vegenaise® be kept refrigerated at all times, it can be left un-refrigerated for up to a week.

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How long does Vegenaise® stay fresh after I open it?

Vegenaise® has the same shelf life opened or unopened. It is not heat or vacuum sealed, so you can always use the "Use By" date on the jar as a shelf life reference.

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Does Vegenaise® have to be kept in the refrigerator all the time?

Vegenaise® is fresh and contains no preservatives, so it should be refrigerated at all times, including before opening. In contrast to mayonnaises which typically use preservatives, Vegenaise® is kept constantly refrigerated to keep it as fresh as the day it was made. Some mayonnaise products can remain unrefrigerated for long periods without refrigeration, but we believe that this shelf stability has been achieved at the expense of freshness and the best possible taste.

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